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“Protect yourself at all times”


Refinement, elegance and mastery of an art should always be recognized and celebrated. For those who master the noble art of boxing and live the life of a duelist, we’ve developed a distinctive organic body wash, derived from the best ingredients to maximize care.


During the day we are exposed to all kinds of elements as we partake in business, leisure and travelling. And we have to endure even more heat, friction and contact as we strap up our gloves and go round for round. That's why our skin can use some extra care and protection. 


The Noble XII's body wash is a great addition to our daily routine.  

About the scent!


Through scents we are able to bring back memories of powerful people and mesmerizing places. Furthermore, we are able to communicate our own presence, and sometimes even seduce our surroundings while leaving a distinguished trace of our aura.


The concepts of power and presence all have a signature - but refined - scent that may leave long lasting imprints, both inside and outside of the boxing ring. 


With a subtle hint of our authentic fine leather scent we are able to ignite all senses.